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I remember first trying relief printmaking in a high school art class, and we only had two weeks to play around with it, but I enjoyed every second. I never tried it after that, until my junior year of college. I fell in love with the tactile art form of relief printmaking, where images are carved onto linoleum, rubber, or wood then transferred to paper using ink. I've continued to explore that passion in life, trying to challenge myself and find new ways of sharing this ancient art form that is gaining modern popularity. 

Girl by tree
Bridge in woods
woodblock bridge
framed pine tree


Sustainability is a very important part of life for me, and that extends into my art. As a result the materials I use matter a lot. After a lot of research, I switched over from traditional oil-based inks to Akua Inks. These are a soy-based, water-solvent ink that produce no harmful fumes and require no chemicals to clean up. It is so important to me that the process and end product are healthy for everyone. 

I am also constantly trying to find more sustainable ways to ship my products. This is an ever-changing situation that is slowly getting better. In addition to this, my goal is to one day make my own paper from recycled paper I have around. This way I can reuse product that would otherwise be recycled, and I can have a more hands-on experience with the whole printing process from start to finish.




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